Check out our latest testimonials from recent graduates of the Accord Learn To Drive program, and see why we’re rated the best driving instructors in Perth’s Northern suburbs.

My First Lesson with Accord Driving School and I already feel very confident after my first lesson. Mark has made me feel very comfortable while learning to drive. I have only just started driving as I have just got my learners license. I am very excited to have my next lesson. Mark explained a lot things to me that you would not learn in a book and the bonus part was that I felt nervous that I thought i would feel as he made me feel relaxed because he was friendly. I would recommend Accord Driving School to everyone who is wanting to find a really good driving instructor. Thanks for making me feel more confident in my driving Mark.


High recommend Accord driving school. Mark is very patient and professional instructor.He was able to answer all my queries .


Very Professional and friendly instructor in Mark. Knows what he’s doing and will guide you towards earning license. Definitely recommended.


Many thanks to Mark. A great instructor passed my PDA for C Class license today, after only 6 lessons🤗🤗🤗!!!!


I did a few driving lessons with Mark Rozario and he was incredible nice and approachable making me feel more comfortable driving with him and made it very easy to learn. He taught me a lot of things I needed to know for the driving test with little time, and I passed first go. Would recommend Mark 100 percent.